“People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly.”

Banksy, Wall and Piece

Street Art Gallery was created by Stephane Valici after the successful exhibitions around the city in Dubai during 2013 and now has it’s own very exclusive space in the Heart of Jumeirah 1. Dedicated to Street Art, we are the only Gallery in Dubai to offer wide selection of great Artists from USA, Europe and Middle East. With a portfolio of more than 50 Artists, Street Art Gallery runs Solo Exhibitions of Legendary Graffiti Artists (Legend) as well as young  and talented (Toys). We offer to discover different styles of Street Art from Stencils, Writing, Abstract, Cubism, Vandal, Pop and all the variations possible from ‘wild writing’ to cartoon characters on canvas, wood, road signs…

Street Art Gallery is also a community of Artists who come to exchange and collaborate with other Artists from the region with a different style or just to chill out at the gallery, flipping through the pages of the Graffiti books from our own Book Collection, or simply sharing the latest’s ideas of the recent sketches made in their ‘blackbooks’. Whether you are an Art Collector, Artist, Tourist visiting Dubai or just a curious person willing to discover a vibrant and so ‘it’ now recognized worldwide Art, you will always be welcomed at the gallery.

Besides curating Exhibitions for Artists, Street Art Gallery is also

  • Managing and Promoting young Street Artists
  • Organize Live Performances and collaborations between Artists
  • Commission Object Design
  • Collaborate with Interior Design companies
  • Doing Retail Design (Club/Bar & Restaurant)
Street Art Gallery Team
Stephane Valici

Stephane Valici

Founder & Curator

Stephane Valici is Also a long time Art Collector. Settled in Dubai since 2009 after more than 20 years of travelling around the world from Russia to Africa and having lived all over Europe for his professional career. He’s considering himself as a world citizen : ” I’m into all kind of Art & Cultures and the world is my Gallery, 2 hours driving around New-York or Berlin shows you more Artworks than the MOMA. Street Art is my long time favorite style and i’m still amazed by the creativity of those unrecognized Artists”.

Yelena Swain

Yelena Swain

Marketing & Press Relations

Yelena Swain is a long timer in the UAE and seen all the changes made to the city. Art enthusiast in all forms, Yelena brings her passion and knowledges of Art with a very sophisticated touch. Traveling around the world to discover new artists, extensively visiting museum and galleries in USA and Europe with a different approach, she has a very selective eye for contemporary and now Street Art
Having corporate sales background Yelena is a valuable team member when it comes to achieving long and short term goals. Last few years Yelena was working as a financial advisor to the expat community and knows well habits , interests of the above.
She was successfully advising on the strategy of the gallery and covering marketing aspects with the knowledge of the person living in UAE for over 15 years.

Dawid Rus

Dawid Rus

Creative Manager

Intermedial artist and street art activist. Worked in Poland, Norway, England.
He graduate Multimedia communication faculty in photography department on
University of Art in Poznan Poland with Master Degree.
Graffiti writer since 1997. Since 2002 strictly associated with Polish public art
scene, exhibiting artworks, organizing events, and writing articles about graffiti
art for blog and websites. Recently his photography work qualify for the best
debuting Polish photographers book: “Debuts”.